Fresh Flowers, Fresh Look, Fresh Space


We are super excited to introduce you, in a more intimate way, to our fresh new retail space, with its own unique identity! Although situated in the same building, The Floral Studio Co. is a completely separate retail space, and not the same as her sister company, Fresh Look Design Inc., other than ownership and reputable service!

Imagine walking into a space that not only has charming character unique to most retail spots, with exposed brick and high ceilings but is further enhanced by the fragrance and visual awe of florals and beautiful hand-selected gifts.

When you are choosing a unique and personalized gift for someone, regardless of the season or reason, it becomes far more meaningful when we invest in it as an experience.

Consider familiar and popular experiences.

One familiar and popular experience we may identify with is when you head to a local farmer’s market as a morning outing. You know how, when you go to enjoy the hand-picking and gathering of goods, somehow the experience heightens our love for our next meal that much more. Tapping into our senses while choosing our locally grown food embodies our sense of wellness and healthy living. We enjoy great conversations with the local farmers, taking the time for that full-on eye contact where we listen, inspired by their passion, as they share about their goods, and encourage us to hand pick our favourite choices with care.                                                            

The same is true of floral and specialty gifts. The Floral Studio Co. is not another boutique, it is an experience that you will cherish, and want to become part of your own community lifestyle. The aura of the space exudes calmness and beauty, captured in a multitude of ways.

Come to our beautiful space and be swept away with the same sort of unique experience. Our dedicated and talented designers who love the florals and space as much as you will help capture your gift idea and provide you with the pleasure of an experience, unlike anything you could receive elsewhere.

The Floral Studio Co. is for the neighbours within Kitchener and nearby communities, offering an opportunity for that real, everyday but special experience within your own community that you will repeatedly want to return to. We know that sometimes convenience is crucial so shipping and online options ensure we are simple to be accessible at all times.

The Floral Studio Co. is locally sourced, organic, high-quality, and everything is especially handpicked but bountiful in selection. If you are looking for something that is totally different than any other floral or gift experience, this is sure to be your next favorite venue for yourself and others.

Come check us out Monday - Friday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm. Call for Saturday arrangements.



Kim Hussey