Fall Flowers and Decor that will have you feeling Thankful

Shifting seasons has me so stoked! 

It is hard to believe how quickly the summer left us but it is super exciting to welcome the fall days, cozy sweats, pumpkin everything and our absolute fave seasonal florals to decorate your home for the upcoming preparations of thanksgiving. 

With the beautiful foliage designing our landscape for our floral selections, it is fun to get creative with your Fall Flowers to complement the season and your table. Best news of all is… Almost any flower will go if it works into nature’s masterpiece autumn palette! 

Here’s the Dilemma…

The issue most of us face is the short-lived colours of the season and the looming frost that will switch things pretty quickly into all the Christmas and December holiday decor. Who wants to spend a lot of money or time on a short term timeline of the Thanksgiving and Fall Holidays?

But who doesn’t love the fall season? We think of thick sweaters, cozy blankets, pumpkin-spiced everything and all things comforting.  Baths return like an old friend, using a body scrub or bath salts that allow us to take in the season. And don’t forget those candles… Yes! You deserve it! 

You guessed it - we are here to help. We get the busy bustle of fall and the routines that have been imploded back into our lives. We know you don’t have time or care to invest the money into expensive florals but absolutely need something between your summer annuals and those gorgeous holiday pots that become acceptable by November 1 to showcase. 

Florals that boast the fall foliage can be easily complemented with wood and bark, gourds and pumpkins using gold or wire holders or vases.  Don’t forget to fuel your senses further and grab some of our favourite candles that will accentuate the coziness of your home. 

It is a little early to get those Christmas wreaths and holiday planters created, so we have great short term ways to get your holiday decor looking all things autumn and get you your floral fix. Add to that, we are your one-stop-shop for the cozy feels you are craving this season.  

Are you ready to cozy up in fall’s beauty? Come on in to be inspired!

Kim Hussey