Creative Transitions of your Outdoor Flower Boxes

Your summer flowers are looking tired and you aren’t sure when or how to transition your flower boxes or troughs for the upcoming seasons? I am here to help! 

People always ask me how to make a smooth transition with their outdoor flower boxes with Ontario’s unique and very different seasons.  Here are some simple tips to ease the pain and make this more like a creative strategy rather than a costly or daunting chore. 

Have some anchors in your display. 

By this I simply mean, reuse some of your plants or details you currently have as you transition to a new season. You may have birch, dogwood or evergreens that can be used while you are replacing the seasonal properties of your box or planter. Swap out the dead or inappropriate elements and voila! You will have it looking like you changed your hair colour but people are simply saying “you look great and I can’t figure out what’s different?” until you can begin adding. I think of it like braiding - some pieces are always going in and out to create something wonderful. 

Your boxes should reflect you - ALWAYS!

If you cannot see a beautiful box in your vision, and you need some help by adding in gorgeous anchors, twinkle lights or even artificial supports, who’s judging? Certainly not me! If you have an edgy and sparky personality, it will likely be reflected in your home decor and fashion choices, so let that happen with your boxes also. If you are calm and traditional, the same rule applies. Don’t kill yourself trying to copy your neighbour's stunning boxes, they are not you! Your boxes should be a part of your style, and you should love them every time you walk by. 

Don’t be afraid to be different!!! Using faux items such as witch legs, pumpkins, reindeer or Santa, ornaments or branches help with the seasonal elements and add fun quirky details to the pots and boxes.  Also they are reusable year after year 😊

Have fun with it!

If you don’t overthink or overdo it, and you use the anchors and your personal style to help smoothly transition you can have so much fun with your flower pots and boxes. Whether it be for a holiday or a special occasion you are celebrating, use your boxes to reflect your love for life and the essence of how you enjoy it be on display! Show your zest for occasions or the seasons. If your boxes are taking you endless hours to transition, you are not hearing me girl. We are busy people and you will enjoy your boxes when you let your creative flair and spontaneity shine. And if that isn’t your thing, I got you!  

You not sure where to begin and want some help with a creative transition of your outdoor boxes with the seasonal changes coming? Snag a call with us or visit us in the studio for ideas! 

Kim Hussey