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The Floral Studio Co.

Welcome to the Floral Studio Co.

After years of providing reputable floral services for weddings and events through Fresh Look Design Inc., our design team has now made their talents available for everyday floral and specialty gifts, styling and workshops.

Established in 2018, the Floral Studio Co. is your local neighborhood fave for all things beautiful, offering you a convenient and comfortable place for your floral and gifting needs. Nestled in the heart of Kitchener, our retail shop portrays a sense of charm and sophisticated simplicity. We are excited to build a sense of community within the feature walls and high ceilings that sparks creativity and provides a sense of home for our customers.

After all - everyone loves flowers and specialty gifts!

Our friendly, welcoming shop offers fresh flowers on site, thoughtfully curated gifts, personalized floral, as well as an in-house workshop area where you can see or be part of the creative processes in action. We love to artistically create florals and specialty gifts, with the details you envision, and reflect your style. With an intentional and individualized focus, we design beautiful creations through a process that is simple and service focused.

Can’t make it to the studio? Too busy to shop? Online shopping is available and easy for you as well.

The Floral Studio Co. is your place for everyday floral, specialty gift boxes, natural locally sourced products and incredible workshop experiences! Let us be your go-to place for all your floral and gift needs.


Meet the Owner

Hi! I’m Ainsley,

I am the Owner/Founder, and Creative Designer of The Floral Studio Co. After years of establishing its sister company Fresh Look Design Inc., I am taking a fresh look and a renewed focus at my first love (or Newborn), The Floral Studio Co.

If I was a flower, I suppose I could be considered a wildflower, tenacious and resilient, hardy and loyal. Friends tell me my energy and the wholeheartedness which I pour into my work and family is undeniable, and has been evident with my savvy business sense and growth. I am also adventurous, carefree and fun, having created my own path that got me here with determination, authenticity and compassion. I consider myself a free spirit, with a playful and creative nature that I bring to my work, home, even my hair colour and body art! I love small indulgences that spark my joy, including coffee and chocolate, so they are always featured in our studio!

I have been described as a small town girl with big city talent. Growing up in the small northern town of Timmins, Ontario, I was raised with the core values of hard work and being true to myself, pillars that have defined my business and the creative flare that I bring to every project. My family gradually moved to Southern Ontario, where I brought my sense of adventure and creative energy to the KW Region. I'm happily married to my husband Dave and am a proud mamma to my two beautiful daughters, Harper and Finley. You may see the girls visiting the studio from time to time, as I love the energy they bring. I consistently aspire to show them the passion for hard work and their love for all things floral as well.

My design studio's are my happy place, and flowers fuel my creative energy. I personally love the design aspect of creating unique groupings and gifts that showcase the uniqueness of every product and bring it to life. The floral studio allows me to showcase ways that gifts can be intentionally and uniquely curated to reflect the giver and the receiver, and that personable touch has been the legacy I have brought to my work.

I am drawn to natural edgy designs or simply styled indulgences in florals or gifts, and love hand-picking each stem or item to see how it can become part of something gorgeous. Our everyday floral and specialty gifts make people smile and impact relationships with a message that words may difficult to express.

I know you will find a feeling of home within our shop, with service that is unmatched, authentic and individualized. My team and I have created an online and in-studio environment that meets the needs of the Kitchener and surrounding areas to make your floral and gift giving simple, significant and beautiful.

Come on in - you will find my team and I ready to bring your vision to life.


Ainsley Poirier, Owner & Founder

Ainsley Poirier, Owner & Founder